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Investment group Premiot Group was founded by Ondrej Spodniak and his wife Jana. After almost four years in Sri Lanka, where they ran a business in the field of hotel development, they returned to the Czech Republic with a shared vision: they wanted to build an investment company that deals exclusively with premium real estate and offers investors the opportunity to participate in its projects. The company's portfolio has grown over time, and today it is characterized by a number of other activities, but it has kept its small family business corporate culture.

In addition to the development of real estate projects, Premiot Group deals with investments in majority ownership in medium and large companies. It bases its strategy on a conservative approach, focusing on type, time and geographical diversification to ensure long-term and stable growth of its portfolio.


Throughout the existence of Premiot Group, a number of experts who have been active in their fields for decades joined its founders. Today the company has 120 permanent employees, and it has expanded its operation beyond the borders of the Czech Republic. In addition to Prague, it has representation in Bratislava, Budapest and London, as well as in Athens since 2020.