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"Na Doubkové 2" Villa -

The main intention of the Premiot Group was to create unique housing for demanding clients. Villa na Doubkové 2 is located in the heart of Smíchov in a very sought-after villa district with beautiful views of Prague and the surrounding greenery. The dominating feature of the project is the beautiful renovated Art Nouveau villa of factory owner Pašek, which was designed and built for him in the years 1912-1913 by the architect Wágner.

The villa with an adjoining garden was renovated with the highest construction and restoration standards. All the original facade elements were restored. The railings, window panels and entrance door are faithful replicas of the original Art Nouveau elements with maximum attention to detail. The building offers a total of four flats, with layouts and the technical design emphasizing a high modern standard of living, functionality and comfort.

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